Development Team


Development Team


Next Meeting:  January 29th (1:00 - 3:00 pm)

Upstairs Activity Room


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Click to see the brochure:  SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS 

Deadline:  November 5th

Expected Delivery:  December 7th

2016 DTEAM

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We created the “Development Team” in the Fall of 2012 to foster pride in our skaters and our Club with new initiatives and opportunities both on and off the ice.  The goal of the Development Team is to support our skaters who have a passion to excel individually while they enjoy the support of their peers and the coaching staff in a team environment.


What are the benefits of becoming a member of the NSC Development Team?

  • Each member gets a distinctive Club jacket that identifies her/him as a NSC Development Team member

  • Enjoy team building events throughout the season

  • Enjoy the support of the entire Development Team at home events and away events

  • Participate in on-ice simulations

  • Participate in off-ice skater and parent seminars

  • Participate in a special Carnival number (during Carnival Years) for Development Team members

  • Increased fitness participation and programming

  • Periodic extra ice hosted by DTeam

  • Discount on DT Special Events, such as March Break and Christmas Break events 

  • Access to off-ice classes per week


    What is the criteria to become a member of the NSC Development Team?

    • Must be in a 2016-2017 STARSkate program with NSC (Advanced, Senior, Intermediate, Junior)

    • Must skate a minimum of two sessions per week

    • Must enter two or more of the selected competitions (examples: FunFest, Frolics on Ice, Keswick Invitational, Scarboro Skate, Skokie Skate)

    • Must have a private coach as of September 2016


    How do I become a member of the NSC Development Team?

    • Providing you meet the criteria listed above, simply add Development Team to your online Fall/Winter STARSkate Registration

    • The cost is $225  Deadline:  September 25th, 2016

      All members will be given access to our TEAM SNAP APP.... you will access to all club/section information/schedules/pictures right at your computer/smartphone


    For more information, please send a request to